Your Website

Your Website


The Design


To create your website we will need:-

  • Text and images related to your business
  • Your company logo / artwork and any preferences you have for colours, layout, etc
  • Your current or desired domain name (we can register the domain name on your behalf if required)

On the basis of the above input and any ideas you would like us to incorporate, we will develop a prototype design for your review, comment and approval.


The Build


Following approval of the design, we will create the DEVelopment website, visible to yourselves and HawkOwl, where you will be able to view and interact with your website as it is developed.

Typically the build will begin with the menu structure and skeletons of the detailed web pages. If there are any complex web pages these will usually be addressed next.

Text and pictures will be added to the detailed pages as they are provided.

If there are particular items that need updating frequently, we will provide you with secure update processes so that you can perform those updates yourself if you wish.


The Keywords


In parallel with the development of the web pages, we will work with you to develop the appropriate keywords to be added to each of your web pages.

If any of your pages are dynamic (eg a list of products or services that you provide), we will need to add keywords (eg make, model, product name) for each of the products displayed on that particular web page.

Where ever possible the keywords will be those most likely to be used by a broad section of the population.


The Testing


Prior to making the website live, it will be comprehensively tested to ensure:-

  • each web page operates correctly in isolation
  • the groups of web pages supporting each process (eg basket checkout) operate correctly together
  • all external links are correct
  • the website operates correctly in Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera and Safari browsers
  • the website operates correctly on PC, iPhone, iPad, Android tablet and Android phone (which covers the vast majority of devices).

Additionally, the website will be checked:-

  • for accuracy of content, prices, references etc
  • for the correctness of spelling and grammar
  • that all content (text and images) is either original or is used with the permission of copyright owner
  • that all content is consistent with the website rating - eg a "safe for kids" rated website should have no content, images, links or adverts which are not "safe for kids".



Following your sign off, your website will be made LIVE :-

  • images will be compressed to achieve a good balance between image quality and image load time
  • your web pages, the images and databases will be copied to the LIVE server
  • your website will be re-tested to ensure that all items have been correctly transferred and operate correctly
  • your website page load speed will be checked using both, Google Page Speed, and a simulated broadband connection in the UK accessing your website on the HawkOwl servers in Ireland - typical page load speeds for HawkOwl websites are just over seconds (measured at the user end of an average broadband connection), significantly faster than the majority of websites.
  • Your website will be tested on the Google Mobile Friendly test bed, to confirm that it is mobile-friendly and a pdf of the results will be emailed to you.
  • the Site Map for your website will be generated listing all your web pages for the search engines.

Your website and the associated Site Map will be submitted to the various search engines. The Site Map will be regenerated daily and re-submitted to the search engines each week for the first four months after Go LIVE, and thereafter quarterly. The Site Map is also accessed by Google and Bing robots as they inspect the internet.


Web Standards


HawkOwl websites are built to comply with the HTML and CSS standards defined by W3C.

The use of these standards while coding enables easier maintenance by HawkOwl and if it were necessary by other parties.

More significantly though, it protects you, the customer. By working within the industry standards we reduce to an absolute minimum, the possibility that a delivered website will have a problem because it is being used on a new device, a new operating system or a new browser.

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